Maybe Waterboarded Radio Host Was Faking It!

Hmm, could this possibly be true? Could thatChicago radio jackass have not undergone a Spiritual Conversion regarding torture after having a stream of water gently poured on his half-covered face for a few seconds? Gawker has salacious details in the form of emails from the guy's publicist suggesting that this was all "a hoax."

Best part of the publicist's email to the person who agrees to hook her up with someone who can do the waterboarding: "We will supply the water."

Hoax or not, the whole episode was just disgusting dumb pornography that makes the "local news guy gets tasered just to see what it's like" genre of reporting seem tasteful in comparison.

Did Erich "Mancow" Muller Fake His Waterboarding for Publicity? [Gawker]


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