Mayor Fenty Illegally Campaigns For Obama?

Everyone knows DC Mayor Adrian Fenty is a big Obama supporter. During Wonkette's trip to New Hampshire, we even saw him at Obama's loser rally. ("Polaroid Liz" Glover got a shot, but the Polaroid came out blank. Sad!) But he may have been "electioneering" a little too much today -- as in, electioneering outside a polling location where no electioneering is allowed.

So says Slate's Josh Levin:

As I left my apartment in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C., this morning, I passed a small group of vocal Obama supporters. Closer to my polling place, a neighborhood church, I spotted a more famous Obama supporter: D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty. The mayor extended his hand, smiled, and asked if I was going to vote. When I responded in the affirmative, he asked, "Barack Obama?" After saying something inarticulate like, "Uh, OK," I went in and cast my ballot. By the time I emerged, Fenty had disappeared. That's when I realized that the mayor had been standing directly between two signs that demarcated a no-electioneering zone. Which makes sense, considering that he was right in front of the church entrance.

Since when would a DC mayor do something illegal?

D.C. Mayor Supports Obama a Little Too Aggressively [Trailhead]


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