Mazel Tov, China: We Will Do You One Better Than An Empire State Building Souvenir


  • Today Iran + the UN Security Council will LITERALLY meet in Switzerland the country in hopes of convincing Iran to agree to a weapons inspection. [New York Times]
  • If Obama wants to send more troops to Afghanistan, he might have to ask the GOP for support. The GOP, of all people. [Washington Post]
  • Over 500 Indonesians were killed in Wednesday's Indonesia-based earthquake. [WSJ]
  • And then a totally gratuitous second earthquake hit Samoa, which yesterday was basically razed by tsunamis. [CNN]
  • Harry Reid & Friends really want the House and Senate to vote on health care during the week everyone is expected to skip out early for Columbus Day vacation. [AP]
  • Hey happy 60th birthday People's Republic of China! The traditional gift for 60 is turning the Empire State Building one's favorite color. [AP]

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