MC With Woman In Persistent Vegetative State

Forget the bioethicists, forget the church and by all means, forget the politicians. If you want to know how to resolve the Terri Schiavo situation, all you need is Craigslist. A sampling of brilliant ideas sprinkled in between the free couches and "who wants to fuck right now?" postings:

Before you liberal morons start foaming at the mouth, let me tell you that I do not believe that the good Lord ever intended for us to be kept alive by machines. My Lord is not a mean God. I do believe in death with dignity. ... What if we had an H.M.O. that offered a free shot to end the suffering.

Remove Tom DeLay's Feeding Tube

hmmm...maybe terry schiavo will die today and rise again on sunday. we could start a new religion--the schiavists. the priests could be called activist judges and would molest congressmen instead of children.

We actually kind of like that last idea, though we have a feeling finding someone who wants to molest Barbara Mikulski might take a while.

UPDATE: Another Craigslister has an even better idea:

If, due to the absurd political state of affairs in this country, my persistent vegetative state and impending unplugging can be parlayed into some sort of political leverage, I wholly endorse using my predicament in whatever way possible for the purposes of passing legislation favorable to my general political and ethical outlook.
He or she offers to stay alive but brain-dead for 30 days if someone will build an emergency room in an inner city. We're waiting, Dr. Dobson...

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Remove Tom DeLay's Feeding Tube [Craigslist]

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FOR SALE/BARTER: My body in Persistent Vegetative State... [Craigslist via Boing Boing]


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