McAuliffe Meets His Waterloo Today

  • Now that candidates Deeds, Moran, and McAuliffe have spent all that time and money campaigning in the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary, how many people will actually bother voting in the terrible thunderstormy weather they're having today? [Washington Post]
  • Sarah Palin was the BIG STAR of the show at a Republican fundraiser in New York last night, totally eclipsing the headlining diva Newt Gingrich. [CNN]
  • British prime minister Gordon Brown has to rethink his whole approach to everything since nobody in his own party supports him and people in other parties of course don't support him either. [Washington Post]
  • More and more it's looking like the Airbus jet's external speed sensor is the culprit for the horrible crash that happened last week, so now a pilots' union says "Maybe do not fly Airbus jets until they've figured that out" and everybody is ignoring them because really, what are the chances. [Times Online]
  • The sentencing of two American journalists to 12 years of hard labor in North Korea greatly complicates the US's dealings with the batshit crazy kingdom of nuts. [New York Times]
  • A Guantanamo detainee has been moved to New York City for trial, which is why the city has been suddenly overrun by terrorists and bombs and horror. [Los Angeles Times]

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