McCain Aide McKinnon Would Nuke Entire Earth To Tear Down Hillary

Texas Monthly has an interview with two of the strangest Republican consultants out there: Matthew Dowd, the mega-strategist behind George W. Bush's two elections (who has since denounced Bush), and Mark McKinnon, McCain's media strategist who has promised to quit the campaign if Obama is the Democratic nominee, because Obama is too nice to smear. How existentially tortured these two are! Why don't we just make life simpler for Mark McKinnon, at least, and nominate Hillary. When asked if he'd feel comfortable smearing her instead of Obama, McKinnon responded, "Absolutely. I'd do it in a minute. I'd burn my house down to do it." Hmm... maybe if he promises to go through with that WITH THE ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT that Mitt Romney be inside the house, then... that would still not be funny enough to support Hillary Clinton right now. [Texas Monthly]


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