McCain And Palin Visit Restaurant, Refuse To Speak To Anyone


AMERICAblog has posted the comical tale of a New Mexico resident who went to a popular local restaurant yesterday and saw the Republican candidates, in the flesh, who both basically ignored him even though he had a cute baby with him. Why do Republicans hate cute babies and men with liberal elitist iPhones asking insolent questions?

This fellow said to John McCain, "Sir, I respect your service, but why were you against the GI bill?" and McCain was all, "I am a robot." Ditto Palin, who when asked if she was supporting Ted Stevens this year, said, "Blip blip blip beeeep brrrring! Brrrring! Yip yip yip."

And then the presidential and vice presidential candidates left, and the dude took some blurry photos with his iPhone, the end. All of America should be very offended that Karl Rove did not program our robot alien oppressors to respond to simple questions in rope lines.

How an AMERICAblog reader asked John and Sarah real questions at a photo opp today. Palin notes that Stevens is under indictment. [AMERICAblog]


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