McCain Calls for Escalation of March Madness

mccainbracket.jpgAbove, a graphic from John McCain's website offering you a look at his coveted "bracket." It's apparently some sort of college basketball thing. It facilitates gambling, or something.

We're sure he picked 'em pretty good. Cause WALNUTS! has always loved his college hoops:

If Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) have their way, say goodbye to the good old days of March Madness, the legal betting on the NCAA Tournament and, for that matter, wagering on all college sports. Separate bills, both of which aim to prohibit gambling on amateur sports, will be reintroduced to the Senate and House this year.

Now we're not implying hypocrisy or anything. Because the bracket thing's not about gambling, it's entirely about adding all your personal information to his damned list so that he can hit you up for money later -- regardless of how your picks did!

Unrelated: John McCain's intense website still gives us the creeps. It looks like the marketing campaign for a shitty war movie. Which is perfect for a WALNUTS Presidency!

McCain's Bracket []

Congress could trump Vegas on college book [ESPN]


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