So frownyThe great city of Boston dog-paddles in a cesspool of disgrace today. From City Hall to Back Bay, from the Dumbocrats to the Rethuglicans, no one can escape the fecal stench of scandal. Next up: a Boston resident and now former McCain press secretary whose girlfriend says he beat the shit out of her.

Barry Flynn served as press secretary to WALNUTS! during the New Hampshire primary. According to his girlfriend, two days later he punched her hard enough to break one of her ribs. This was, she said, not the first time he'd beaten her.

Flynn was arrested early yesterday morning on a domestic violence charge and fired yesterday afternoon. For him, it probably felt like a scene out of Groundhog Day -- he did the same lather, rinse, repeat with then-governor Mitt Romney in 2003, when he was arrested on domestic violence charges and, er, fired.

N.H. flack for Ariz. pol busted in galpal assault [Boston Herald]


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