McCain Campaign Gives Up on Hipsters, Punkers

Hi, I'm with the McCain campaign... - WonketteWALNUTS! The Maverick of the Senate! The Renegade of the Republican Party! He's just the sort of straight-shootin' angry 90-year-old kook who appeals to young professionals -- or "yuppies", as they liked to be called a quarter-century ago.

His campaign is falling all over itself in an embarrassing attempt to figure out what people under 40 but with jobs are into. So they're holding fundraisers for people who aren't ready for the $1k plate club, but who also aren't poor college students or old people who have to buy medication.

A McCain aide said the program, dubbed YP4McCain in a nod to the popularity of acronyms among BlackBerry-wielding young professionals, "is very well organized and expanding very quickly."

Oh, the 25-45-year-old kids today, with their 'text messaging' and their self-identifying as anachronistic pejoratives. The organizers of the "Preps Who Admire Mitt Romney" program refused to comment.

Sen. McCain Woos Yuppies [The Hill]


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