McCain Family Cover Photo On People Will Sell Maybe Four Copies


After a busy two weeks of Palin family covers and about six months of Obama family covers, the trashy supermarket magazines need something new, yet still kind of political, because maybe that's what America is sort of half-interested in, for the moment. Let's see, are there any other charming political families to put on the cover?

Oh, how about Walnuts and some of his large, terrible, dysfunctional family of step-mothers and beer heiresses and unemployed 24-year-old bloggers and random orphans and bank-failure-causing adult sons from previous marriages which ended when the old mom wasn't pretty anymore and John McCain needed a hundred-million-dollar trophy wife. Gack! Who took this awful picture, that same nutty lady who so enjoyed making McCain look like a dead white Jabba the Hutt for the Atlantic Monthly? [AZ Central]


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