So scared.The biggest news story in the world is, of course, about some little 'tween girl from Disney TeeVee who was forced to pose for naked photographs by an old lesbian photographer for Vanity Fair. This is very shameful, how Conde Nast let its magazine be used for half-nekkid pictures of an entertainer who is a girl child. The little girl only made $100 million dollars for having to be the star of Hannah Montana, which is the story of "Achey Breaky Heart" sensation Billy Ray Cyrus and his secret daughter who wants to be on teevee. The question is, which presidential candidate was more of a lech to the innocent little child, Obama or McCain?

The answer is, of course, John "I need a new wife now" McCain. He is five-hundred years old, but he needs new young wives every 15 years or so, and he was just "shopping around." There is no need to get upset, voters! This is how he is, a Maverick:

[youtube expand=1]

Eewwwww, gross!

Anyway, the girl, "Miley Cyrus," who actually appears to be a grown-up sitcom actress on "Must See TeeVee," is now ruined because the old lesbian photographer made her take off her blouse, and the old Arizona senator tried to make her give up her campaign morals.

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