McCain Forced To Air Ad Basically Admitting He Could Lose To Infomercial Man


Old man John McCain has been forced to go ON THE ATTACK in his race for re-election in Arizona, airing a new ad that calls his GOP opponent, J.D. Hayworth, a no-good "huckster." That cute grandfatherly zinger is based on the fact that Hayworth has done a series of infomercials promising "free government money" to buyers of his "program," which is obviously bogus, as it is promoted via infomercial. Will Arizonans be amazed that Hayworth is not the admirable professional they thought he was, or will this ad just be depressing because it shows McCain is being forced to admit he may actually lose to this inane conservative radio host? Yeah, it's likely the former, as "huckster" is a really good BURN.

No worries, John. You can also get a job selling free government money on infomercials when Hayworth beats you!


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