McCain Guru Steve Schmidt Furious That Press Are So Mean To Palin By Asking Simple Questions


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Remember that time (pictured above, for your viewing pleasures!) Campbell Brown was unforgivably rude to Tucker Bounds by asking him what Sarah Palin had ever actually done as commander of the Alaskan National Guard? Why, it was almost as awful as that time Chris Matthews was unforgivably rude to Kirk Watson by asking him to list Barack Obama's legislative accomplishments! And that is why Steve Schmidt, John McCain's masturbator-in-chief, is so steamed that the members of the media are treating Sarah Palin unfairly.

Every day, more terrible rumors and allegations surface about Palin's drunken corrupt secessionist abstinence-only snowbilly reign of terror over the Great White North. And the press has the temerity to actually ask if any of this crap is true. Steve Schmidt is appalled that anyone would ask about the qualifications of a vice presidential nominee who lived near Russia once, and has four or five kids.

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