McCain Just Following Romney Around the Country to Annoy Him

Can these two share a campaign trial without driving each other crazy? - WonketteWhen Mitt Romney presided over the annual Republican Governors Association meeting in Doral, Florida last December, John McCain crashed it. The next night he threw a party at nearby resort hotel.

Today, Mitt Romney will announce his candidacy for the Presidency in Dearborn, Michigan. What's McCain's schedule today?

Hold a press conference 90 miles away and three hours after Mr. Romney's announcement. The event is to officially receive the endorsement of those Michigan officials announced in step 2.

This oughtta be fun. We hope 2007 is the year McCain finally snaps completely and starts holding press conferences across the street from Romney briefings, shouting "I'm not touching you! Does this bug you? Can't get mad, I'm not touching you!" into his mic.

UPDATE: J/k! The Times apparently screwed up -- McCain isn't actually in Michigan today. The press conference is still going on, though, so MISSION: BUG MITT is proceeding apace.

McCain's 3-Step With Romney [NYT]


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