McCain-Lieberman Ticket Could Be Saltiest, Crustiest Combo Since Kettle Chips

Who would make the most terrible running mate for John McCain, an ill-tempered old fraud who is despised by everybody in the Republican Party? Joe Lieberman, of course -- another sour old geezer who is despised by everybody in theDemocratic Party! It's a match made in heaven ... and here's why!

  • You know how the Clinton-Gore ticket worked, because if you didn't like the one Southern Boomer douchebag you could maybe like the other Southern Boomer douchebag? Same idea here, except you get a twofer on sanctimonious, warmongering coots with gelatinous faces.
  • "Second, Lieberman can help him win a critical group essential to McCain’s victory: Democrats." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OOOH AHEM.
  • "Adding Lieberman to the ticket could give McCain a shot at [Connecticut's] seven electoral votes, a small but perhaps valuable find in a close election year. At the very least, Obama might have to spend some resources to hold down a traditionally blue state." In other words, McCain will clevely bankrupt the Obama campaign by forcing them to spend $200 million holding onto Connecticut's crucial 7 electoral votes.
  • Lieberman exudes a "soothing, calm, and reassuring persona" which make people think John McCain isn't an angry, delusional nutball.

McCain-Lieberman '08! It would be magical.

McCain-Lieberman Could Be Just the Ticket [Pajamas Media]


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