McCain Pathetically Trying To Be Republican Again


John McCain woke from an Ambien stupor this morning and remembered, vaguely, that he also had an email list. Hmm, that ice witch Sarah Palin might have all the wingnut love these days -- because she guaranteed a massive loss for the GOP ticket, making martyrs out of the Free Republic/Rush Limbaugh dumb mob (again) -- but dagnabbit, War Hero McCain won't just sit there in his La-Z-Boy. He will make his staff send an email, too.

Every six months or so, McCain hears something about this "economic crisis" and then he takes one of Cindy's corporate jets to Washington, where he makes a big show about being at the Senate, where he supposedly serves as a senator.

So this time, he wants you to know that despite flying to Chicago to kiss Obama's ring a few months back, and supporting pretty much whatever Obama wants, he will NOT STAND for this huge stimulus pork-and-beans bill, which he probably endorsed until this morning. And everybody on John McCain's email list hates him, for being a liberal loser, so they just all deleted his email, the end.

McCain Wades Into Email Fight Over Stimulus [The Nation]


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