McCain Resentful That Press Has New, Hotter Girlfriend

For 400 glorious years, John McCain has gotten daily handjobs from the national press corps because he lets them sit in the back of the bus with him while he dispenses saltybons mots and makes inappropriate jokes. But now all the favorable press coverage goes to Barack Obama, because he gets more people to come to his rallies. John McCain knows how Hillary Clinton feels now, which is why he's stealing such winning moves from her playbook as "Change you can replicate with some sort of technology" and hiring a campaign team that fights pitched internecine battles on the front page of the New York Times.

The other day I suggested a sort of thought experiment to someone close to McCain for years: If Hillary wrote down on paper all the things she thought about Obama and handed the paper to McCain and asked him to check the ones he agreed with, what percentage would be marked? “Oh, 90 percent, at least,” this person said.

The opinions of both of them, not surprisingly, would be skeptical, harsh, dismissive: that Obama is a lightweight, that he’s a line-cutter, that he’s arrogant, elitist, all talk no action. And that perspective is evident in the campaign that McCain and the Republicans more broadly are running against Obama. In tone and substance, once again, the similarities to the broadsides that Clinton and her people launched against him are striking. More than one GOP e-mail in recent weeks has taunted him with the phrase “Just words."

McCain in '08 by a landslide, with Vice President Clinton and Secretary of State Joe Lieberman. Your Wonkette will be on the first refugee spaceship headed to Mars.

McCain's Hillary Problem [New York Magazine]


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