McCain Says 'Stop Calling Me Old'

John McCain would very much appreciate it if Democrats quit calling him "confused" and saying he has "lost his bearings." These are despicable code words used by silver-tongued political operatives who want to make UNFAIR IMPLICATIONS about John McCain. But what are they trying to imply, exactly?

When John Kerry called John McCain "unbelievably out of touch" regarding Iraq and Obama adviser Susan Rice cited "a pattern of confusing the basic facts and reality that pertain to Iraq," what did they really mean? They probably meant he was intentionally obfuscating, or in plain English, lying.

Or when Obama said McCain had "lost his bearings" when he talked about how much Hamas loves Obama and wants to have his babies, the Illinois senator should have just said, "McCain used to say things that were somewhat truthful, and now he does not."

McCain's tetchiness about his age misses the point. Americans have a proud history of electing the elderly to the nation's highest office, and sticking with those presidents even after they begin their decline into senility while still in the White House. The problem with John McCain isn't that he's old, it's that he's a nasty shite-talking fraud.

Are Dems talking about McCain’s age in ‘code’? [Politico]


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