McCain Screwed Up So Badly, Ha

McCain Screwed Up So Badly, Ha

TheNational Review hears something HMM: "One side effect of McCain's debate gambit is, I'm told, that everyone at Ole Miss now hates him. It will make for a very hostile audience tonight among those students and faculty attending. He might have to apologize for creating the uncertainty or make some explanation up front, which is never ideal." Ah but Rich Lowry, a Maverick thrives on hatred! (Besides, they don't like BLACK PEOPLE either in Mississippi so it balances out). As John McWalnuts has told us countless times this campaign, he's been on Capitol Hill for decades and has made no friends there. It's his "thing." What a man! A couple of other analyses of how McCain blew nuts with this weird debate gag, below.

Chris Cillizza gives us "The Fix," nyah nyah:

But, over the intervening 24 hours, McCain saw what at first looked like a brilliant political gambit turn into a nightmare, as an apparent done deal to save the financial industry devolved into a partisan shouting match at the White House that left congressional negotiators back at square one.


Spin aside, McCain blinked in what had become a high stakes staring contest between he and Obama.

IN THE TANK. Where's a Republican? Here's some Republican. Tell us, random hobo Republican, did John McCain blink or are you in the tank also?:

"It just proves his campaign is governed by tactics and not ideology," said Republican consultant Craig Shirley, who advised McCain earlier in this cycle. "In the end, he blinked and Obama did not. The 'steady hand in a storm' argument looks now to more favor Obama, not McCain."

Shirley added, "My guess is that plasma units are rushing to the McCain campaign as we speak to replace the blood flowing there from the fights among the staff."

Gross! A tank of blood, and he is in it.



A Hostile Audience [The Corner]

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