McCain Settles With 70s Musician Over Use Of Long-Forgotten Song In Obscure Web Ad


Last year, poor ol' Johnny Walnuts spent 75 percent of his campaign either changing Sarah Palin's runny diapers or apologizing to once-famous musicians for using their songs in campaign commercials that nobody watched. One of those musicians was Jackson Browne, who, like John Mellencamp, could have had a brilliant career as a composer of truck commercial jingles, but instead decided to waste his talents on being a liberal.

The Ohio Republican Party and the RNC used "Running on Empty" in a Web commercial supporting John McCain, and Jackson Browne was (rightfully!) angry that nobody had bothered to ask him if that was okay, so he sued McCain and the RNC and the Ohio Republicans.

Yesterday all parties announced that the suit had been settled, John McCain and the other folks apologized to Browne, and that is how Jackson Browne became the poster boy for long-forgotten musicians from the 70s who are grossly offended when somebody remembers they wrote a song or two once.

Jackson Browne settles with GOP [AP]


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