McCain So Scared of Losing Senate Seat, He's Campaigning With Sarah Palin


Angry old idiot John "Walnuts!" McCain is probably going to lose his beloved Senate seat this year and then be forced to actually live in Arizona, which hehates, so he's even more desperate and crazy than usual. What kind of maverick-y bullshit stunt can he pull to remind Arizona voters just how shamelessly he'll beg for re-election? He's bringing the Snowbilly to the desert!

Grifter broadcast clown Sarah Palin hasn't appeared with Walnuts since he vetoed her big idea about giving her own personal concession speech on Election Night, 2008. She was so upset, you guys! She'd been traveling the nation's illiterate backwaters for two months, smiling and giggling while hillbillies yelled "nigger!" and "terrorist!" That's hard work! Plus, people were mean to her just because she scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars in fancy clothes from the RNC and her teen-aged unmarried daughter had a baby and everybody in Alaska hated her and she couldn't answer a simple teevee interview question without sounding like a drooling idiot, it was awful. And then the guy she called "Sambo," as in "Little Black Sambo," became the president for reals! Ugh, it's called the White House for a reason, y'all.

And now she's going to campaign for McCain, the end. [Arizona Daily Star]


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