McCain Stand-in At Convention Says Interesting Things About Luo Tribesman Obama

The Clark County, Utah Republican Party held its convention Saturday, and the Mormons are so secretive that it's taking this important news several days to make its way around the Internet. "Standing in" for John McCain was Mark Shurtleff, the attorney general of Utah. Even that title sounds horribly racist and sexist and Mormon. So what horribly racist and sexist and Mormon things did he say?

OK, so vaguely sexist, horribly racist, and 100% Mormon would be a more accurate description:

Shurtleff repeatedly ridiculed the opposition for their personal characteristics. "Barack or Hillary -- my apologies to the Baracks or Hillarys in the audience, but even their names sound liberal," he said.

Referring to a Clinton ad that asks who is best suited to rise to a late-night crisis, Shurtleff said, "When Hillary gets the call at 3 a.m., the call is, 'Do you know where your husband is?'" And he pointedly referred to "Obama's fathers -- one was African, one was Indonesian."

No no no Shurtleff, you're missing the whole Thing about Obama: Both of those Islamic Muslim terrorist fathers abandoned him, to the Melting Pot.

Speakers play up outlook for GOP [Las Vegas Review-Journal]


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