McCain Strategist Regrets Saying Terrorism Helps McCain

Top McCain strategist Charlie Black -- the one wholobbies for Iran -- dominated this afternoon's 2-hour news cycle by saying in an interview with Fortune magazine that if we had a terrorist attack right now, “Certainly it would be a big advantage" for John McCain. This line, of course, meant everyone had to feign shock over an accurate political truth, but voiced thus -- that if there were a terrorist attack today, Barack Obama would be behind it, potentially hurting his electoral prospects.

After a scolding from McCain, Black has come out with an apology. He "deeply regrets" the comments he doesn't recall making:

"They were inappropriate," Black told reporters at a fundraising event, according to a pool report. "I recognize that John McCain has devoted his entire life to protecting his country.”

...And that anything can happen in June.

Black "deeply regrets" terror comment [CNN]


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