McCain Upgrade Full of Malware, Incompatible With Most Users' Systems

The new and improved John McCain: a lot like the old John McCain except with Bush's old media team dictating his every MAVERICK move!

Schriefer jokes that their current candidate is new and improved. "We call him McCain 2.0," he says. "We've gotten some of the bugs out."

The updated model is employing an aggressive style more closely associated with the Bush operations of the past. McCain, who vowed to wage a positive campaign in 2000 -- until his contest with Bush dissolved into acrimony -- has in recent weeks taken hard shots at two other presidential contenders, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, a fellow Republican, and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

It's McCain 2.0, because like Web 2.0, it's not so much an upgrade as obnoxious, inescapable marketing disguising a barely-functional, untested product in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will eventually make a buck from it a couple years down the line. Plus he was tortured!

The Selling of 'McCain 2.0' [WP]


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