McCain v. Lasers: The Laser Might Actually Have an Iraq Plan

Wednesday Morning Quiz: Which of the following stories is less likely to come to fruition:

mccainvlaser.jpgIf you said lasers, you're right. It's a trick question: McCain already sold his soul!

Oh, David Ignatius -- pluggin' away, the last guy left on the Straight Talk Express, trying to figure out a way to still write glowingly of Senator John CRAZY MAVERICK REBEL McCain like it used to be so easy to do... It'd be be so much easier if he could just write about goofy multi-billion-dollar death-rays that'll never actually work, but no, he chose the life the of the professional Moderate Liberal, and if that means sticking by John McCain, well, he's gonna stick by John McCain.

In McCain's own words:

"I don't want it that badly," McCain says. "I will continue to do what is right. I will continue to pursue torture, climate change.

Hell, maybe he will get the nomination, that's pretty much the GOP platform, right? Wait, sorry... he's against those things?

We're sure he'll continue to do everything in his power to end them both, party line be damned. And if you believe that, we have a death ray we'd like you to fund in New Mexico.

A Man Who Won't Sell His Soul [WP]

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