McCain Victorious In Florida, Loves Rudy, Because Rudy Will Endorse Him

Did you know McCain lived for a few weeks or months in Florida, too? That's what he just said. He "learned" to fly in Pensacola, but not so good. Let's let John shine now, as he was, after all, TORTURED during his time living in Florida. (Really. He was based in Florida when he got shot down in Vietnam.) There's Charlie Crist standing right behind John, and Charlie just looks jubilant! Let's see if Ol' Walnuts will say anything of interest ....

9:50 PM -- McCain gets "all" 57 delegates from Florida's GOP, because the other 57 were taken away, because nobody knows how to behave in Florida, ever.

9:51 PM -- With 74% of the vote "counted," McCain has 36%, Romney has 31%, Giuliani has ... ha ha ha, 15%.

9:52 PM -- McCain wants Romney to know that it's tough to be a loser.

9:52 PM -- Walnuts thanks his family, his various children, his wife Cindy. Did you know John has a different family when he lived in Florida?

9:54 PM -- It's official: Rudy will drop out and endorse McCain tomorrow. The End.

9:57 PM -- Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan.

9:58 PM -- Wait, did McCain almost let slip that he knows Hillary will be the nominee, because they made a deal, when they were drinking vodka in Estonia or wherever?

9:59 PM -- We aren't kidding about the Vodka Party.


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