McCain Voters Killing Everyone Nonstop With Their Drunk Driving


Hey, remember in 2008 when you voted for America's Next Top President? Many people voted for "Barack Obama" but also a reasonable number of folks voted "John McCain" (Yours Truly voted for "Bart Simpson," thereal candidate of Change). According to a Venn diagram over at the Daily Beast, people who live in states that voted McCain are constantly killing themselves (and other McCain voters) in automobile accidents. Did you vote for Obama but live in South Carolina? Too bad, some drunken hick will surely run you down with his dirt bike. (Or, if you are a Minority, the hick will shoot you in the head first, then tie your dead body to his dirt bike's Dirt BikeNutz so he can drag your corpse around his swamp yard, to make sure you are dead. This is the "other" kind of automobile accident.) Isn't life awful?

What was more surprising: how the breakdown between states with more dangerous drivers and safer drivers fell almost completely along the lines of the 2008 McCain-Obama election, with the Republicans again coming up on the short end. Nine of the 10 worst-performing states went for McCain, while nine of the 10 best performers voted for Obama. (Delaware and Mississippi were the respective outliers.)

(Take a few moments as a smug liberal to gloat about this statistic.) The reality, of course, is that Automobile-Related Death is the silent 9/11 that happens hundreds of times every single day in this sad, SUV-haunted land, paved with asphalt and roadkill innards. [The Daily Beast]


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