rafaellommm.jpgJohn McCain, who is not as rich as the Clintons, because he does not have Douglas Band charging starlets' creepy boyfriends like Raffaello Follieri to be their friends (only later to have a press spokesman throw them under the boss when the WSJ calls) and because he does not help people get Kazakh uranium mining rights in exchange for donations to his foundation, wants to get in good with the riches. His fiscal solutions for America? Bankrupt the Treasury and install a winning trickle-down series of tax breaks for the rich and the corporate city-states. Though it is totally laughable and stupid, it is actually still a much more coherent plan than the ones by his left-wing rivals, who actually promise stuff like that every poor person will have a "green-collar job" retrofitting all of America's schools, all at the same time. [Washington Post]


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