McCain's Old Strategist Steve Schmidt Does Not Believe In Sarah Palin!


John McCain's former TUFF-TALKING campaign strategist Steve Schmidt—whose job it was to knowinglytell outrageous lies in attempts to try to manipulate an entire nation into electing Sarah Palin, some sort of mystical and feared Loch Ness character who figures prominently in the oral histories of the moose community—has changed his mind. He has changed his mind, ladies and gentleman, about Sarah Palin.

Thing is: she's sort of... awful. You know? Although people like her enough to pre-order her piece of shit book on Amazon, he'll give her that.

Schmidt did compliment Palin for engendering fascination among millions of people throughout the country. "Just look at her pre-sales numbers," he said of her book. And he even added that it was not "inconceivable that she could be Republican nominee for president of the United States."

But, he qualified, it would be "fairly inconceivable" that she could end up being president. "In fact, were she to be the nominee we could have a catastrophic election."

Clearly what Palin needs is a Steve Schmidt-level strategist.



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