McCain's Wife Surely Next to Endorse Fred Thompson

John Dowd, John McCain's friend and former personal lawyer, a man who stood behind McCain in his most trying times, decided recently that hitching his fundraising wagon to scary old man Fred Thompson was a much better idea.

What did McCain do to deserve such a betrayal? His late embrace of the President and dead-ender stance on the Iraq war? His capitulation to the religious right? Or the way he suddenly just looks like a loser?

"I am very sorry to see what's happened to John," Dowd said in an interview. "I don't think his campaign is being well run. It's been over-managed. He blew through $8 1/2 million. It's a difficult thing to leave a friend and go to another friend. But we lost the John McCain I knew."

A true friend will help you through the Savings and Loan collapse and your wife's painkiller addiction, sure, but spending your campaign cash ineptly? Shit's inexcusable.

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