McCaslin's Memo on Mysterious Duplicate Mentions

We received this letter yesterday regarding the allegation that WT's gossipmonger John McCaslin lifted his item about liberal bleating at a screening of "The Killers" from a right-wing blog:

As sent to Fishbowl.....

Garrett, thanks (I think) for the pair of plugs. I liked the first item better. My source for the item in question, who was a member of the film audience, is obviously the contributor to the blog. What appeared in my column is what he sent to me -- in his own language -- after he had telephoned me while I was in California that same week. He obviously rewrote what he had written for the Libertas blog. I had never seen the blog item until you posted portions of its text next to my text. I would appreciate you making this clear in your next fishbowl.

Thank you, John McCaslin  

There you go. McCaslin is not a plagiarist. And we don't know where you got the idea he was lazy.

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