McClellan to Be Replaced By 5 Little Kids

kids.jpgBush impersonators? Played out, you say. And you're probably right. But little kids? Cute. Little kids + Bush impersonator = cute and funny. So -- kids writing speeches they wish the President would give, read by a professional mimic. The post writes itself. And we particularly recommend the second one, written by one Zoe Baker, as it features the best list of playground insults we've heard since either Elementary School or that Cynthia McKinney video this morning (bam! Making with the topical humor!).

But here's what we learned: Little San Francisco kids, clearly raised by hippies, write speeches that sound alarmingly like genuine faux-unscripted remarks actually given by the President.

Also, I'm gonna lower the prices on kids who live in orphanages. Because a lotta kids really wanna have parents, and a lotta parents really wanna have kids.

So! Get your cute-if-cloyingly-liberal dose of "Professional Imitators Are Paid to Read the Darndest Things" right here.

The Past is Over [Helena Keeffe]


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