McDonald's Is Our Last Bulwark Against Global Despair

  • Maybe just don't fly over the Hudson if you value your life. [New York Daily News]
  • Tropical storms are making a muddy nightmare out of the Phillipines, China, Japan, and Taiwan, where a mudslide may have killed 600 people. [Reuters]
  • Fatah can't seem to get it together, but its leaders hope that new elections may put it on the path to renewed power and credibility after Hamas kicked its ass all over Gaza. (Or rather out of Gaza.) [AFP]
  • More bombs in Iraq, sectarian strife, 2005 all over again, etc. [Washington Post]
  • Who says the golden age of American air travel is dead? [Houston Chronicle]
  • Ah, finally some good news! McDonald's new yuppie menu, featuring an Angus burger and Starbucks-style Icy Corn Syrup 'n' Diabeetus Coffee Drinks, catapulted the food giant to a 4.3 percent rise in global sales in July. [Bloomberg]

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