Turn that frown upside down!Hey, remember this poor jerk who got arrested in Florida for maybe sucking off some hot teenaged boy in a steam room? Carl Stanley McGee, assistant secretary for policy and planning in Massachusetts, is no longer the subject of an inquiry by Florida prosecutors due to lack of evidence and witnesses. Among the evidence investigators could not locate: spermy towels.

They could also not find "forensic evidence" in the steam room itself, even though we hear that men's steam rooms are pretty much crawling with such "evidence."

McGee went on unpaid leave from his state job shortly after his late-December arrest. Now nobody seems to know when or if he'll be back. His friends and associates have so far declined to comment on the case, except for a brief statement from his lawyer and remarks from a pal who said "This has been the most horrible situation without any basis in fact."

Prosecutors clear official in Fla. sex case [Boston Globe]


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