McGreevey Show and Tell

"Dropping the gay bomb" sounds, to us, like it might be a hilarious euphemism for some drug-related mishap, like "falling into the K-hole." Or maybe that's how Karl Rove described the plan to endorse the Federal Marriage Amendment. The Weekly World News, channeling Senator Rick Santorum, says that it's Al Qaeda's secret weapon, a bomb that will turn men homo. But, clearly, if we really want to know what dropping the gay bomb feels like, we better head to New Jersey. has it that New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey is going to hold "a news conference later this afternoon (4PM) regarding allegations made by his former aide, Golan Cipel." Right. If by "aide" you mean, well, you know what we mean. Conflicting reports about resignation versus not seeking another term. We know how excited you all are, but let's try to show some restraint. Again, we think it's hard enough being a closeted gay man. . . being a closeted gay man in New Jersey? He's suffered enough.

Al Qaeda Plans To Drop Gay Bombs [Weekly World News]

UPDATE: McGreevey's Spokeswoman Has No Comment on Resignation Report [Bloomberg]


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