McGreevey -- Was: Metrosexual, Is: Uhmmmmm

Wonkette sources report that a local news commentator in New Jersey bemoaned the loss of Gov. McGreevey thusly: "He was so telegenic."

Other New Jersey sources report that McGreevey's gayitude is the "worst kept secret in New Jersey" (and there's, uhm, stiff competition for that title) and that during the '96 campaign he was trailed by "limos full of boys."

Conference still running late. Sean Hannity, by the way, is having a little conservgasm over this.

UPDATE: What was I saying? It's a huge conservgasm.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis is a human clip file on this story. Favorite item: "The Statehouse Forum says that McGreevey's mysterious broken leg is related." Oh, the mind reels. . .


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