campbell_mckinney_nf.gifCynthia McKinney, who is just one horse/spandex photo away from being our favorite member of the House of Representatives, has gone at least a day without having another press conference. This saddens us. How can we continue to fan the media circus flames if you're not willing to surround yourself with another children's gospel choir and drag Danny Glover ("the American People are too old for this shit!") before the Washington Press corps? Again, we mean. 'Cause you did that on Friday. But we missed it! We'd totally go to the next one.

Anyway, today's news makes Representative McKinney look fairly reasonable and sane, because it involves bloggers and Tom DeLay.

* A blogger has announced that he's going to run against McKinney. His platform: "Power to the People," "Untainted by Washington," "No Spin," and "Keep On Rockin' In the Free World." Wait, sorry, we made that last one up. The last plank is, of course, "R.O.C.K. in Georgia's 4th District." Oh, and "I Have Managed to Out-Crazy Cynthia McKinney." Bloggers running for Congress: Someone please hit either Glenn Reynolds or Nick Denton with a cellphone. Thanks.

* Here's Tom DeLay charging up the center -- at the buzzer -- he shoots -- yes! In what could be his last act as a member of Congress, Tom DeLay has announced that he'll file ethics complaints against McKinney and sponsor legislation that will kill irony dead. We're packing up and going home, everyone. It's been fun.

And hey, show a little hometown pride and help McKinney beat Naomi Campbell in this poll:


As you can see, it's neck-and-neck at the moment, but punching a cop is way more hardcore than tossing a phone at an assistant.

That's what Tupac said.

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