When the headline is about the President admitting mistakes, you can generally guess that the story won't actually feature the President admitting mistakes. This is the closest he came today:

Bush said the United States erred in attempting large reconstruction projects soon after the invasion was completed.

"It didn't make any sense" undertaking these projects because "they became convenient targets for the enemy," he said. " . . . I'm getting down in minutiae. But there are some tactics that, when I look back, that would have done differently."

So... the problem was with reconstruction. The problem being that there was too much of it. Presumably meaning that, if he had it all to do over again, he would sort of invade and then occupy the rubble, without bothering to rebuild the infrastructure and services to their pre-war level... which is more or less what they did, ergo, NOT A MISTAKE! Brilliant! This is why he's the decider, people.

Bush Admits Mistakes in Iraq, Defends Tactics [WP]


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