Mean Girl Barbara Walters Makes Rielle Hunter Eat Her Terrible Lies


You know what we at Wonkette don't care about? Whether or not you want to read about and/or watch Rielle Hunter. We find everything about her, from the top of her shining golden head to the bottom of her doubtlessly temporary-henna-tattooed soles, freaking fascinating. Here, thanks to the good folks at Buzzfeed, is poor misunderstood Rielle ("I'm not a mistress! I'm a mom!") just getting hammered by the Greek Chorus standing in for all of us, on The View. They do not care for her husband-stealing, or her trashing of Elizabeth Edwards, or her general nonsense vacuity in general. And for what else do they not care? Dudes, she lied on Barbara Walters.

Cut to about four minutes in, when Baba, her voice calm and cool, explains that loony old Rielle cold defamed her in her book, saying Baba "screamed" at Rielle when she chose to be interviewed by Oprah instead. Do you believe Barbara Walters, or do you believe Rielle?

Haha, we are just kidding, obviously Barbara Walters will scream terrible obscenities, like the fixer in In the Loop, if you so much as place her water glass too close to the bread plate, and Rielle Hunter, as everyone knows, is an angel of lucidity who never makes things up in her crazy old head. [Buzzfeed]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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