Mean Kansas Supreme Court Says Ex-A.G. Phill Kline Cannot Terrorize Doctors Ever Again


Are you already hitting the sauce after today's news aboutanti-gay loons trying to sue the gay away and Utah Boy Scout leaders doing a little improvement project on nature and Peggy Noonan being Peggy Noonan, and Jesus Christ, what is wrong with everyone, this is why Mommy cries?

Well, here is a tiny shred of a modicum of super-delayed justice for us to kinda sorta celebrate:

Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline has had his law license indefinitely suspended by the Kansas Supreme Court over allegations of ethical misconduct during his investigation of abortion providers.

In case you've forgotten who that miserable piece of dick is, let's review:

Kline's the one who devoted his entire time in office to trying to find a way to put Dr. George Tiller, one of this nation's most badass badasses, behind bars for the egregious crime of providing health care to women. Dr. Tiller was acquitted, of course, because -- at least for now, sorry Republicans -- it is not actually a crime to give health care to women.

Kline misused his office in all sorts of you-cannot-actually-do-that ways, including "to identify women who were having abortions at Tiller's clinic by 'staking out the clinic, following visitors and employees to their vehicles and recording automobile license plate numbers.'" Then he went on Bill O'Reilly's craptabulous teevee show to leak private information, including medical records, even though the court told him not to do that, because he was all, like, "You are not the boss of me, stupid court."

Yeah. Like we said, total piece of dick.

You all remember what happened after Dr. Tiller was acquitted. Convicted felon and fellow piece of dick Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser at Operation Rescue, found herself a real nice "lone wolf" named Scott Roeder, who stalked and then assassinated Dr. Tiller in his church, after which Operation Rescue pretended to be shocked -- shocked! they tell us -- that their entire mission of destroying Dr. Tiller worked.

Indefinitely suspending Kline's law license isn't exactly justice for Dr. Tiller or the women he terrorized, but it's something at least, so hooray we guess.



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