Mean Obama Accuses Republicans of Doing What They Do
  • To prove he "cares" about America and has emotions just like other childish, petulant politicians, Barack Obama went to a state somewhere (Wisconsin, this time) to have a "town hall meeting" and complain about John A. Boehner for describing financial regulation as "killing an ant with a nuclear weapon." An ant, said Obama. AN ANT? It is more like a giant moon-sized spider that kills everyone on Earth! Boehner, an actual orange spider from Cigarette Land, preemptively yelled back at Obama because come on, ants are also capable of maybe a small, briefly annoying ant bite. This is what these people do with their time. Then, obviously, Boehner accused Obama of being "childish," before sticking his tongue out and making fart noises with his underarm. Oh yeah and Senate Republicans defeated an extension of unemployment benefits again, so if your job/industry/economy is gone forever, sorry! Please enjoy the political metaphor of ants being bombed with nuclear weapons ... you can probably exchange that metaphor for food down at the grocery store. [New York Times/Fox News/LA Times]
  • Hurricane Alex didn't really bother Texas all that much because it slammed into Mexico instead, so God currently hates Mexicans more than Texans, until the next hurricane. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Speaking of financial reform, which was the thing we were speaking of before that whole "God will hate Texans again next week" item, the House -- Democrats and three Republicans -- passed "finreg" legislation. The Senate -- Democrats minus Russell Feingold plus Scott Brown and give or take one other Democrat and two Republicans, probably including one from Maine? -- will probably pass a version that has something about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or doesn't have anything about TARP and bank regulation. [Reuters/The Big Money]

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