Mean Obama Kids Put Stickers On Wyoming GOP Office!


There has been an OUTRAGEOUS CRIME committed against the little GOP office in Cody, Wyoming! Local children are accused of putting some Obama stickers and fliers on the windows of the Republican office! This is exactly the kind of Domestic Terrorism that Sarah Palin is working so hard to fight, you betcha.

The Cody Enterprise reports:

Park County Republican leaders arrived at work Tuesday to find their headquarters vandalized.

The GOP office at Sheridan and 13th had the word “Obama” written on the windows and Obama flyers taped to the windows.

Terry Hinkle of the GOP leadership blames backers of Barack Obama.

“This is truly a crime and we don't appreciate the vandalism,” he said. “We're paying rent here and it's our property for six more weeks."

Here is a picture of this guy, who is whining about this. Ha ha, he has apparently put his own sticker on the window, with the words "Don't Touch, EVIDENCE" written on it, so basically he has also committed the same vicious crime as these alleged Obama supporters.

Wonkette Operative Anne Marie Shriver alerted us to this stunning tale of criminality in Cody, which is apparently covered in Obama yard signs. She says the vandalism "consisted of putting up a couple of posters and painting the windows of the HQ with the same type of paint used at the prior week’s high school homecoming event."

Ha, and guess what kind of kids are often involved with student events such as Homecoming? That's right, elitist college-bound kids. How disgusting! These kids are "politically involved" and doing harmless pranks against the old Republicans. Why can't these kids just put up an illiterate MySpace page full of embedded hip-hop and impregnate the easy girl and get a tattoo on their hands, like what's his name, "Fuckin' Redneck," the one who will escape the Palins' baby-farming grip as soon as McCain loses next month?

FUN FACT: The Cody Enterprise was, like the whole town, founded by William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody! He started the town and a big hotel to serve tourists visiting the new Yellowstone Park. Cody was anti-slavery, pro-conservation and supported Indian and women's rights. He also brought his Wild West show to Europe. In other words, he was a domestic terrorist.

GOP leaders blame Obama supporters for vandalism [Cody Enterprise]


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