Meanwhile, Back at the Dean Camp. . .

Mark Leibovich's Style section piece on the Dean disappointment has much to recommend it, including the information that the Kerry camp did a victory lap around Dean HQ with their asses hanging out the car window: "We'd keep looking up and all we could see was mooning," said one staffer. To which we can only say: Classy!

But we were struck by something else, something we can't quite put our finger on. Something very odd about Dean's aide, Kate O'Connor. Maybe you can figure it out:

"Hey, we've been at this two years, so maybe we are a little weary," says Kate O'Connor, Dean's traveling aide, who spoke only on the condition that she be described as "perky."

[. . .]

At Dean headquarters in Des Moines on Monday, O'Connor reiterated that she is "still perky, and this campaign is still perky."

[. . .]

Across the room, Kate O'Connor insists that she is "still feeling very perky."

[. . .]

[Says O'Connor,] "I'm not depressed. I'm feeling extremely perky."


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