Peter Navarro: Only Donald J. Trump Can Save Us From ‘China Virus’ He Ignored For Months

Also reveals shocking connection between Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Last week, the White House's pet economic crackpot, Peter Navarro, went on TV and claimed the media was throwing a “pity party" for all those annoying unemployed people. Amazingly, Navarro is still allowed to speak in public. Sunday, on ABC's “This Week," he claimed that Barack Obama was serving as “Joe Biden's press secretary" when he criticized the Trump administration's bungled COVID-19 response. (Obama never actually mentioned his former vice president during his commencement addresses.)

NAVARRO: As far as I'm concerned, [the Obama] administration was a kumbaya of incompetence ...

Wait ... what does that even mean? Is he suggesting the Obama administration was an ineffective African spiritual? Navarro is probably following his boss's lead of just randomly calling Obama incompetent, which is objectively untrue. Obama's administration boasted an unbroken eight-year streak of people freely leaving the house without fear of their lungs exploding.

NAVARRO: We saw millions of jobs go off to China [during the Obama administration]. His new normal was a flat-line in the way of wage growth.

Yes, those days when the black guy was president and we could touch our friends were so relentlessly terrible. The Trump campaign keeps trying to link Biden to Obama, but this election isn't held on Fox News. It takes place in America, and Obama is very popular there. He won both his presidential races with a majority of the vote. A Joe Biden who only exists in the public memory as Obama's wingman is likely unstoppable at the polls.

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White Nonsense

Fox News Idiot Says Barack Obama Not 'Articulate,' So That's Neat

Fox News hosts came this close to calling Obama's commencement speech 'shiftless.'

Barack Obama delivered a virtual commencement address Saturday for the 2020 graduates trapped at home with their families. Most Americans loved the reminder of what it was like to have a president, but others -- let's call them “Republicans" -- hated the reminder of when a black guy was president.

On Sunday's "Fox & Friends," co-host Jedediah Bila expressed her disgust with Obama's words, which she believed were “inappropriate" for the moment.

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'Fox & Friends' Applauds American Patriots Boldly Spreading COVID-19

You can’t keep Americans cooped up forever ... or just two months.

The fine folks at Fox News believe a “movement is coming," and it's a movement where Americans defy the law and endanger the lives of others. When desperate immigrants sought asylum at our borders, conservative pundits wanted to lock 'em up and build WALL. That was a national crisis. Now, Fox hosts valiantly defend the inalienable rights of white people to do whatever the hell they want, no matter the cost.

On the weekend edition of “Fox & Friends," Pete Hegseth, whose hands you should never touch, declared that people were “done" with the shutdowns, and it was their impatience that had let to some governors relaxing restrictions -- not any namby-pamby science.

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Fake President Trump Wishes He Was As Real As POTUS From ‘Independence Day'

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Saturday, while Americans across the country gathered to watch the last legitimate president give a fire-spitting commencement address, Donald Trump tweeted a clip from the 1996 movie Independence Day when the equally fake president, as played by Bill Pullman, delivers a stirring victory speech at the film's climax. Someone with the Twitter handle "Mad 'Obamagate' Liberals" heavily edited the clip so Trump's rotting pumpkin head replaces Pullman's face. This no doubt delighted Trump because all he ever wanted was to play-act as president in a multi-million dollar production where things go “boom."

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