Kayleigh McEnany Lies Like Liar About How Much She Lied

This is our shocked face.

If ignoring Kayleigh McEnany would make her go away forever, we promise we would. Unfortunately, the worst White House press secretary in history (and this includes Sarah Huckabee Sanders) can't stop reminding us how terrible she was at the job. It's like she's posting her own negative LinkedIn testimonials.

On Sunday, which is the Lord's day to golf, McEnany spoke to the Turning Point USA Young Women's Leadership Summit in Dallas. She insisted she'd never lied while working for Donald Trump, himself a singularly graceless liar.

MCENANY: And then there was the question, "Will you ever lie to us?" and I said without hesitation, “No," and I never did, as a woman of faith.

Don't bring God into this, lady. As Billy Flynn said, stick where you're better acquainted. McEnany then pulled the classic lie maneuver of couching lies within objective truths. You know: “It's raining today, and the check is in the mail" or “The earth revolves around the sun, and trickle-down economics works."

MCENANY: As a mother of baby Blake, as a person who meticulously prepared at some of the world's hardest institutions, I never lied. I sourced my information, but that will never stop the press from calling you a liar."

The problem is that McEnany's lies are so virulent they infect any surrounding truths. You're left wondering if her baby's name is actually “Blake" or if she's even a mother at all. You just can't trust anything she says.

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justice department

Bill Barr Got Some Splainin' To Do About All These Wire Tapps!

This is some crazy Nixon shit!

Attorney General Merrick Garland will meet today with representatives from the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post to explain how their reporters wound up having their phone and email records swept up via secret subpoena in an apparent attempt by the White House to root out leakers. It promises to be an unpleasant conversation, but not nearly as unpleasant as the grilling the AG will face when Congress eventually gets to ask how Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell and 71 staffers and members of their families wound up under state surveillance.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is some crazy Nixon shit. Or maybe even worse, which is probably why Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and Bill Barr all raced to the nearest reporter to deny knowing anything about it.

"What the administration did, the Justice Department, the leadership of the former President, goes even beyond Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon had an enemies list. This is about undermining the rule of law," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN's Dana Bash.

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Culture Wars

Wingnut Freaked Out By Woke Gay Homosexual Hobbitses

Sorry, Rod Dreher, slash is real.

Rod Dreher, the minor league rightwing pundit who has complained that liberal women are too busy masturbating to love their children, and who mourned the death of George Michael by wishing the late singer had been straight (Why? Dunno, maybe so Jesus could get his autograph?), has found a new Culture War thing to worry about, and it is woke academics ruining J.R.R. Tolkien with their wokeness.

In what might be the laziest culture war rant we've ever seen, Dreher, following up on a reader tip, warns that the Tolkien Society's summer seminar, scheduled to be held online July 3, is on the topic of "Tolkien and Diversity," and can you imagine, now those crazy liberals, not content with having poisoned the modern world with their wokeness, have gotten their hands on Middle Earth!

Dreher's entire column consists of a two-sentence intro, a copy-paste of an email announcing the conference, a list of the paper titles, and then a very funny joke about Hobbit buttsex.

That's it!

Obviously, the seminar must be worthless, since as we all know, Tolkien's world is exclusively white, straight, and probably Christian, or at least the man himself said that The Lord of the Rings is "a fundamentally religious and Catholic work." And now I have done more research for this blog post than Dreher did for his.

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Culture Wars

Newsmax Panel Wants To Force Student Into Military For Referring To God As 'Allah' (Which Means 'God')

Boy do they love free speech.

For the past several years, conservatives have been trying to frame themselves as the censorship-hating defenders of free speech and the First Amendment. This is largely because they seemed to have realized that their history of loving censorship and hating free speech has traditionally made them very uncool with the kids.

Of course, being that this is a new path for them, they don't really "get" what free speech is about. They keep desperately trying to twist it in order to claim that no one can criticize them, Christians are allowed to discriminate against people they don't like, and social media sites can't have Terms of Service, rather than "the government cannot censor you." Because they still really like it when the government censors people. They cry about "cancel culture," which — to the extent that it is even a "real thing" — is not only not a violation of the First Amendment but an expression of it.

A panel on Newsmax on Thursday, full of people who surely hate cancel culture and love "free speech," discussed a recent incident in which the senior class president at Justice High School in Fairfax, Virginia, replaced the word "God," in the Pledge of Allegiance with "Allah," which is the word for "God" in Arabic.

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