Media Matters: If You Ignore Us, We Will Go Away

Oh, Media Matters. This was almost too much even for relentless sadists like us:

Subject: Wonkette issue
From: D------
Date: Thu, March 30, 2006
To: mm-staff
Priority: Normal

Lots of people have been discussing why someone might be forwarding our internal emails to a blogger. The other question is why the blogger at Wonkette might want to post mundane details about internal workings.

In terms of Wonkette, it might be that someone there wished they worked here. [emphasis oh so ours] Or it might be because they aren't getting enough interesting tips and are reduced to talking about really petty things. Regardless, it strikes me as really dumb.

In terms of internal motivations, it is either a discontent employee with a grudge or someone being stupid. My money is on the disgrunlted, but that's just because I know all of us are smart folks.

But please don't let this issue take up any more of your thoughts. If you want to discuss, please swing by and grab Jamo or me. More email traffic on this is just plain silly.

And, yes, we agree. This is just plain silly:


Media Matters! Dear, sweet, gentle Media Matters! We like you! Really, we do! It might not be "jealousy" per se (we might be a bit squeamish about cleanliness to work in your swingin' office), but maybe simple affection.

And seriously, we wouldn't pick on you if other people sent us internal communication half as funny.

(Consider that an assignment, readers!)

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