Media Standoff! Press (Almost) Boycotts Sarah Palin At The U.N.

Media Standoff! Press (Almost) Boycotts Sarah Palin At The U.N.

That gal with the lipstick is going to meet with Important World Leaders at the UN today, so naturally the McCain campaign did not want any reporters anywhere near that disaster. They said, "OK all you press organizations can get together and decide on ONE cameraperson to record the beginning of these meetings, before Sarah says something awkward about Hamid Karzai's hat, but there will be no reporters to ask questions." And for the first time in the history of ever, the press collectively told McCain to cram it. And then they took it back.

There was going to be a full-on press boycott of the whole awful event, which really only meant the evening news wouldn't be running silent footage of Palin shaking hands with some random dignitaries. But the McCain folks said, "Fine you have have ONE pool reporter in with your camera guy," even though usual protocol is to let in one reporter each from print, TV, and radio.

And the press said, "Ok," so now there is one camera person and one reporter on the scene to maybe film stuff or ask a single innocuous question before Sarah Palin disappears into her dark lair with Ban Ki Moon and rips off her latex mask, revealing Dick Cheney in a leather muu muu.

McCain-Palin Camp Tried to Block Media Access to Palin in NY [Political Radar]


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