Meet America's Creepiest Candidates!

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here? - WonketteFinally, a poll for the rest of us: A market-research company asked Americans to rate the creepiest 2008 contenders, both declared and undeclared.

Loathsome slimebag Newt Gingrich takes the prize with a 19% creep factor -- men and women pretty much agreed, with a respective 19% and 20% of them choosing the serial adulterer and deathbed divorcer as next year's most repugnant candidate.

Men and women were more divided with the second-tier creeps. Hillary gives 20% of dudes the creeps compared to only 10% of gals, while Al Gore has an 18% to 11% male-female creepiness ratio. Mitt Romney comes in at fourth with an even 10% creep factor, while Walnuts McCain takes fifth place with a 7%/8% repulsivity rating.

America's Creepiest Candidates [Forbes]


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