Meet America's Greatest Congresswoman ... But Don't Walk In Front Of Her

Doing something unspeakable to Sen. Pat Roberts ... - WonketteCongresspeople are rarely known as "good bosses" or "semi-acceptable humans," but California Democrat Juanita Millender-McDonald may be an actual dangerous crazy person, according to Lois Romano's new column:

She once fired an aide for -- among other issues -- leaving a box of candy on her chair, said a source. Her No. 1 rule, the ex-aides say, is that aides can never walk in front of her.
The great thing about 12 years of Republican House Rule is that so many little tyrants like Millender-McDonald operated in obscurity. Only a few hundred fired or forced-away staffers and the unlucky people of Long Beach had to deal with her. But Millender-McDonald now chairs the House Administration Committee and there's no escaping her wrath.

According to her official House.Gov biography, she personally runs the House, Smithsonian, Library of Congress, "all federal elections" and the National Zoo. Piss her off, and she'll have Butterstick's head on a pike. She was so angry at somebody 2000 that she made Bush president, out of spite.

Always an Opening in This House Office [Washington Post]


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