Meet America's Most Eligible Bachelor Hillary Hater

They killed 1 million Arkansas state troopers!Hillary Clinton's biggest enemy in all of Texas is 43-year-old Robert Morrow. He's super angry and he lives alone in suburban Austin, where he spends all his time studying the many crimes and conspiracies of the Clintons. In his house, you'll find "a lot of Ron Paul campaign material, a prominently displayed Hooters calendar and an 8-foot tall shelf packed with Clinton books." And ladies? He's single!

Before you fancy libtard college gals write off Mr. Morrow because you think he's some fat bald poor dude, we would like you to know his is 6'4", has a full head of hair, is physically fit, has a Princeton degree and an MBA, and lives off an inheritance! Maybe you could get used to him ranting day and night about how Hillary killed all those people and "was sleeping with both of her law partners, Webb Hubbell and Vince Foster."

Also: "And she's a lesbian, too."

Some people just love to hate the Clintons [St. Petersburg Times]


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